Welcome to the Support-Center

For better finding of solutions on your support requests, we use a support-ticket-system. Each support-request creates a ticket with a unique ticket number to be able to track any progress. There is also an archive and a history of all questions and answers. To open a ticket a functional email-address is required.

At the login-page you can't logon with your DAPNET-login-data for the web-access. You need a separate registration you can find on this site.

Privacy Disclaimer:

You can find our private statements at https://hampager.de/#/privacy

Ticket processing:
DAPNET is a free amateur radio service. It is maintained and supported by radio amateurs. Fellow radio amateurs also spent their free time processing your requests submitted via this ticket system. We know how hard it is to wait, so we always try to answer your inquiries as soon as possible. Nevertheless we can’t provide any hard processing timelines and we kindly ask for some patience in case we need some time.

ATTENTION GMail user (but also other mail systems):

We’ve noticed that the answers we’ve sent are sometimes captured by spam filters. So please keep an eye on your spam folder to find out whether or not the expected answer is waiting there fore you.